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Public Relations


We provide a complete public relations service. We handle total communications and media strategies for clients in politics, education, Government, the private sector, and semi-Government Authorities.

Hendrik Gout Communication understands how to position a company or semi-government authority in the media and the public, lifting its profile for the benefit of its shareholders, stake holders, and staff. We seek and succeed in getting maximum coverage for a client at the least cost, the greatest effectiveness, and with good relations with the media and the community.

We have a proven track record in identifying target audiences and tailoring communication programs to reach those (sometimes diverse) audiences with the most efficient allocation of resources. We make information available and attractive to a general audience and to specific interest groups, community organisations, Government bodies and their staff, and in-house. We know how best, and at what time, to issue media releases and organise interviews for radio and television news conferences. We research and prepare accurate and informative articles which will represent our clients in newspapers, magazines, or the broadcast mediums.

For some clients we have total responsibility for all media relations, long-term strategic communications planning, public sector campaigns, and of course daily news contact. This involves dealing with the press gallery, with reporters in capital cities, and with media in regional cities and towns. We deal with national and international lobby groups, with industry, the finance and commercial sector, private corporations, community organisations, and local and regional bodies and boards.

We devise, plan, implement, and manage public sector communication strategies, programs, and budgets. A successful public relations profile depends on a long-term strategy, and these we develop for government and commercial clients.

We plan and achieve key organisational communication objectives. And because we sometimes deal with organisations - both private and public - which undergo change or departmental reorganisation, so we know how to continue the flow of accurate information during those times.

We integrate easily at all levels of the public and sector. We quickly appraise the varied and sometimes conflicting needs within a government agency and work well with senior departmental officers and their support staff. We made sure we understand the operational framework in which our client operates.

We have an intimate knowledge of the requirements - and the foibles - of Australian and international newspapers, electronic news and current affairs, regional press and trade magazines, specialty media, and radio talkback.

In government and commercial work Hendrik Gout Communication will devise crucial communication programs to reach people who live in rural and regional Australia as well as in the capital cities, using established community organisations and sometimes special interest groups as well as mainstream media. When required we work closely and co-operatively with in-house public relations staff so that it has a strong, supportive internal and external profile. We help enhance the media unit's reputation amongst administrative and operational staff, who are also stake holders in the service.

Because our principals have worked as reporter, editor, and program producer as well as a public relations specialist, we know what sort of stories are most likely to be carried and how to make information and media releases available in a form which will generate the best results. we are familiar with the press galleries in State and federal Parliaments, State political rounds, specialist news and feature writers, wire services, and business magazines. We know how to get a message into - and, when necessary, how to try to get it out of - the media.

We quickly and accurately prepare speeches to be delivered at major seminars, events, or news which are easy to deliver and comprehend, even on technical subjects. We write and prepare speeches for senior public servants, for divisional heads of commercial institutions, Government Ministers, and CEO's. We can reliably prepare briefing notes, and feature articles we write for those we represent are usually well-received.

Hendrik Gout Communication can produce, in consultation with in-house or our own graphic designer, writer, art director, and media buyer, a complete range of advertising and promotional material in print, radio, and television. We deliver demonstrably good editorial copy and know how to make printed material look attractive and be effective. We successfully design a wide range of print material for government and commercial clients, and know what it costs to produce and distribute.

Hendrik Gout Communication offers media training for senior executive staff, to assist them understand the requirements of the media and to do more professional and authoritative media interviews on radio or television, at press conferences, or when dealing with reporters.

Hendrik Gout Communication arranges and organises successful commercial, academic, legal, and professional seminars and conferences. We help liaise or organise local and international speakers and media, and arrange venues, catering, support facilities.

Hendrik Gout Communication staff have organised small and large public openings, including the Prime Ministerial opening of Brisbane and Perth airports which drew audiences in excess of 200,000 participants, major engineering projects, and the launches of urban development projects. We know how to organise a successful public function with positive media.

With award-winning reporter, producer, and director skills, our video production skills are of international broadcast standard, able to gain the attention of potential company clients and customers, Government departments, community groups, or television networks.

"We can quickly and accurately prepare speeches to be delivered at major events or semiars"

"We devise, plan, implement, and manage public sector communication strategies"

"We know how to get a message into - and, when necessary, get it out of - the media"

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