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News Agency


We commission, write, and sell news, feature, and travel stories about Australia for broadcasters, newspapers, and magazines in other countries. Hendrik Gout Communication also reports and produces news and documentaries for television.

"Freelance reporters specialising in politics, business, finance, natural history, science, medicine and sport"

Hendrik Gout has reported and produced television news and current affairs for commercial networks and the Australian Broadcasting Commission, where he was executive producer of the flagship prime-time current affairs program, The 7.30 Report, as well as commercial television in Canberra, Brisbane, and Hobart.


We write and commission news and features for international sale. Our freelance reporters specialise in politics, business, finance, natural history, science, medicine, motor sport, and Australiana. Our news reports are sold in North America, Western and Central Europe, and South-East Asia. Hendrik Gout Communication reserves the copyright on its news and feature stories, although we have flexible publication arrangements for single-use, multiple-use, or syndication.

Hendrik Gout Communication has been involved in the editing and production of newspapers of privately owned publications, and we can provide a complete service to foreign broadcasters in six languages.

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