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Once Upon a Distant Journey

Once Upon a Distant Journey

     Once Upon a Distant Journey (238 pages, Hardcover, full colour, RRP AUS $39.95) takes us down roads packed with beauty and delight and others with obstacles and surprises. Hendrik's quirky sense of humour and intimate knowledge of this Wide Brown Land offer fresh ways of identifying with the country, its history, its people, geography, and uniquely Australian culture.


      These yarns take you on journeys across Australia from the outback to the sea. We feel for ourselves the relationship between man and motorbike, between humanity and nature, between people who love each other – and those met only fleetingly.


      This is a travel book with wisdom which captures the essence of Australia. Voices of ordinary and extraordinary Australians speak to us directly with honesty and candour.


         Hendrik shares experiences that could be had only on a motorbike. An enormously satisfying read: the thrills, spills and joys that exist for all of us between road and sky – whether we ride or not.


Once Upon a Distant Journey is published by Wakefield Press


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"This edition would make an ideal gift for anyone interested in Australia, travel, meeting individuals and most of all, life on the road."



"This is not simply yet another book about rides and machines; instead it ranges through beautiful descriptions of roads travelled and landscapes seen, father-daughter bonding, mechanical innovations and strategies, and often quite larrikin social perspectives. As such, this is a quintessentially Australian book written by an intelligent and stimulating character."



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